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Atelier Kajsa create high quality women's clothing with modern, yet timeless designs. Our philosophy is to create collections that are not seasonal - but can be worn all year round. We believe in responsible fashion that does not compromise on quality.

Our three new core collections have been created to meet the varied needs of our busy, modern lifestyles. They contain pieces which emphasise individual style, with a perfect fit, and cut with high quality materials.

The Studio Collection is a range of stunning luxury dresses designed to turn heads and start conversations whenever you wear them to dinner, for drinks, or out on the town.

The Signature Collection contains wardrobe staples such as elegant tops, shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses; modern but timeless silhouettes for everyday elevated style - at work, or at leisure.

Finally the Essentials Collection brings long-lasting comfort and elegance to your everyday clothing. Subtly stylish pieces to wear at home, at the shops, or out in nature.

Each item of clothing is proudly designed in Stockholm by Kajsa Skoglund. Our garments are made right here in Europe - and we use natural materials wherever possible. We choose only those materials which offer outstanding durability, a gorgeous appearance and an amazing feeling against your skin.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Atelier Kajsa was started by Kajsa Skoglund. An experienced designer, Kajsa studied fashion in Italy and England and has previously worked for the Swedish brand GANT.

In 2018, after many years designing clothing for a large brand, Kajsa was searching for a new outlet for her creativity. She decided to create her own clothing range - and Atelier Kajsa was born. Conscious of fast fashion and the negative impact it has on the environment, Kajsa felt strongly that she wanted to do things differently. 


Atelier Kajsa wants to move away from the throwaway fashion culture that exists today - and go from "Fast Fashion" to "Slow Fashion".

Buying clothing that is to be worn only a handful of times before being discarded has a huge negative impact on the environment. At Atelier Kajsa, we design pieces that are not restricted to fashion seasons - our garments can be worn all year around, season after season.

Each of our items is made with the utmost care and attention using high-quality, long-lasting materials. We also design clothing that is easy to combine with other pieces for different looks. This allows our customers to buy a smaller number of long-lasting pieces - garments that will become a staple of their wardrobe.


Every item of clothing we make is produced according to our commitment to sustainable practices in the manufacture, delivery and lifecycle of our products.

The process of creating responsible clothing will always be an evolving - but we are pleased to share the practices which we already have in place to reduce the impact our clothing has on the planet.

  • Atelier Kajsa clothing is made using responsibly sourced materials such as organic cotton made with GOTS yarn, OEKO-TEX cotton, viscose made from FSC certified yarn or TENCEL™.
  • Atelier Kajsa only works with European suppliers who share our commitment to responsible fashion. This means we can confidently trace the origins of the materials that we use, while the carbon footprint of our products is also reduced.
  • Atelier Kajsa clothing is delivered in eco-friendly packaging which made from 90% recycled materials and is fully recyclable after use.


    In 2022 the Atelier Kajsa range expanded to include three new collections of clothing. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a greater selection of responsible clothing than ever before - from exquisite dresses, to subtly stylish workwear, to comfortable everyday essentials.

    The Studio Collection, Signature Collection and Essentials Collection are available to shop now.

    As we look to the future, we are focusing our efforts on further expanding our selection of responsible clothing to meet the varied demands of modern life. Our vision is for our customers to be able to fill their whole wardrobe with sustainable choices - for every season, and every occasion.

    Visit the Atelier Kajsa Blog for the latest news and new releases.