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Atelier Kajsa create high quality women's clothing with timeless designs. Our philosophy is to create collections that are not seasonal - but can be worn all year round.

Our collections of minimalist garments include everyday essentials, signature pieces and elegant dresses for special occasions - each with unique details and cuts. All of them can be effortlessly mixed for any occasion.

Our collection is proudly designed in Stockholm by Kajsa Skoglund. Responsible fashion is at the heart of everything we do - which is why all our pieces are designed to last and are made from natural materials wherever possible.


We want to move away from the throwaway fashion culture that exists today - and go from "Fast Fashion" to "Slow Fashion".

Buying items to be worn only a handful of times before being discarded has a huge negative impact on the environment. At Atelier Kajsa, we design pieces that are not restricted to fashion seasons - our garments can be worn all year around, season after season.

Each of our items is made with the utmost care and attention using durable, long-lasting materials. We also design items that are easy to combine with another for different looks. This allows our customers to buy a smaller number of long-lasting pieces - garments that will become a staple of their wardrobe.

By creating high quality, versatile clothes, we can help people to buy less and begin to move away from throwaway fashion culture. This only works if the clothes that we design are truly versatile and stylish regardless of the season - which is why this forms the basis of everything that we do.


All the materials that we use are handpicked for their durability, gorgeous appearance and amazing feeling against your skin. This allows us to create garments that are as long-lasting as they are fabulous to wear.

We use natural, eco-friendly fabrics wherever possible - such as the sustainably sources, fully biodegradable TENCEL™ (Lyocell) used in our Essentials Collection.