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At Atelier Kajsa we care deeply about our planet. We are committed to sustainable practises in the manufacture, delivery and lifecycle of our products.

We are strongly against the "fast fashion" culture that has become common in recent years. Buying an item to be worn only a handful of times has a significant negative impact on the environment.

Instead - we create garments that are designed to be worn for years into the future. The materials that we use are handpicked for durability and the majority are derived from natural fibres.

We design stylish, practical pieces for your wardrobe that can be worn season after season, year after year.


A significant part of the environmental impact of fashion comes from the packaging. 

That's why all Atelier Kajsa products are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. It's made from 90% recycled materials and is fully recyclable after use.

The majority of the packaging is made from paper pulp, which is sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills. Printing is kept to a minimum and uses only water-based inks. Finally, before dispatch your item will be placed in a fully biodegradable poly bag. It's manufactured from corn starch and can be easily composted at home. 

These small considerations all add up to help us build a more sustainable fashion business.