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A Modern Royal: Sofia of Sweden in Atelier Kajsa Skirt


Princess Sofia of Sweden, known for her outstanding style, was spotted wearing the Atelier Kajsa Wrap Skirt at the Parliament Opening in 2023.

She elegantly paired the Atelier Kajsa Wrap Skirt with a cream blazer, a black clutch, timeless black shoes, and a chic black headband.

Princess Sofia of Sweden began wearing our clothing in 2023, and we're immensely proud that she appreciates our stylish, locally-made designs that blend classic simplicity with a modern touch. Her preference for our brand showcases her dedication to promoting homegrown talent, and we are greatly honored to have her as a patron.

The Modern Royals: Balancing Tradition and Style
Modern royals have to juggle many responsibilities, from official state functions to charity work and public appearances. In doing so, they need to present themselves with grace and poise. However, this doesn't mean they have to stick to age-old fashion conventions. Today's royal fashion has evolved to be a reflection of contemporary style, embracing current trends while respecting the royal code of conduct.

In an era where royal fashion evolves with the times, Princess Sofia of Sweden stands as a shining example of a royal who not only addresses to tradition but also embraces the essence of modern style and supports her local fashion industry.

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