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Article: Atelier Kajsa: Meet Our European Textile Suppliers

Atelier Kajsa: Meet Our European Textile Suppliers

Atelier Kajsa: Meet Our European Textile Suppliers

Find out more about the handpicked, naturally derived materials found in our clothing.

At Atelier Kajsa, sustainable practices are at the heart of everything we do - including the manufacture, delivery and lifestyle of our products. 

That’s why our garment production takes place right here in Europe, while the textiles and materials used in our clothing and packaging also come from European suppliers. 

We’re proud that our eco-friendly packaging is made from 90% recycled materials and is fully recyclable after use. Exactly the same care and attention-to-detail goes into sourcing the textiles used in our clothing.

Why is it important to choose the right textile suppliers?
As a fashion business, the majority of the materials that we handle are used in the clothing that we create. That's why it is so important for us to know that those textiles are eco-friendly, sustainably produced, and have not traveled halfway around the world!

Of course - it’s also vital that those textiles are perfect for creating clothing that is comfortable, durable and - where required - luxurious!

What makes a 'Sustainable Supplier' when it comes to textiles?
To ensure that our supply chains truly are sustainable, we thoroughly vet our textiles suppliers according to several criteria. This is to ensure that everything from the way the raw materials are obtained, right through to the creation of the fabrics, is done responsibly.

Here are just a few of the things we look for choosing our suppliers and partners:

  • Globally recognised certification, standards & accreditations (including accreditation for sustainable raw material acquisition, manufacturing, and dyes)
  • Sustainable manufacturing and business practices 
  • European manufacturing facilities to reduce carbon footprint 
  • Values that align with our own at Atelier Kajsa

Our Core Textile Suppliers

Country: Italy
Atelier Kajsa's choice: Certified Cotton

Situated in the Como region of Italy, Canclini has been producing high-end. fabrics since 1925. Having long prided itself on being an ethical business - in recent years Canclini has put an intense focus on reducing its impact on the environment. Initiatives include:

  • Switching to renewable energy, supplemented by Canclini-owned solar panels.
  • Investing in new machinery that reduces energy consumption by 70%
  • Installing electric car charging stations for staff and visitors at the Canclini HQ

Canclini supplies the outstanding OEKO-TEX certified materials we use to create the Atelier Kajsa range of shirts. OEKO-TEX is a group of 17 independent institutes, whose services and certification programs help ensure that textile manufacturing strives towards a sustainable future.

Country: Italy
Atelier Kajsa's choice for: FSC (Forest Eco Certification) Certified Viscose

A short drive to the West of Canclini HQ, you find another Italian business with a passion for fine textiles and sustainable practices.

MONTEOLIVETO is a family-run business with their own in-house weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing and finishing facilities. This ensures that they have total control of the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring materials are responsibly produced to the highest standards. The business has been certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

MONTEOLIVETO supplies Atelier Kajsa with viscose; a semi-synthetic material made from sustainable wood-pulp. The yarns used are FSC (Forest Eco Certification) Certified.

Country: Italy
Atelier Kajsa's choice for: Viscose

Project is the textiles partner of choice for some of the most renowned fashion brands in the world and are located within a triangle of Italian fashion brands in the world and are located within a triangle of Italian fashion capitals: Milan, Venice and Bologna.

Underpinned tradition, but driven by a young and dynamic team, it’s little surprise that Project has become renowned for their high quality, sustainably reduced textiles. The in-house production line features 30 knitting machines of different gauges.

Country: Portugal
Atelier Kajsa's choice for: TENCEL™ & Organic cotton

Based in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicao, a region in Northern Portugal with a strong textile tradition, Joaps uses the latest technology and staff training to create the highest quality materials. Joaps is also committed to protecting the environment by putting sustainable development at the heart of its business practices and manufacturing processes. 

The company supplies Atelier Kajsa with the TENCEL™ and Organic cotton materials  used in our Essentials collection.

TENCEL™ Lyocell are botanic-based fibers of natural origin. TENCEL™ is not only gentle on skin and naturally breathable, but is also made from wood-pulp using wood from sustainably managed forests. Find out more about TENCEL™ here.

Discover more about Atelier Kajsa's commitment to sustainability: Read about our approach to Responsible Fashion and our desire to move from "Fast Fashion" to "Slow Fashion".



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